[vdr] Audio channel problem

Antti Hartikainen ami+vdr at ah.fi
Mon Feb 20 22:41:45 CET 2006

>>  Hello
>>  I have problem in VDR version 1.3.42 and 1.3.43.
>>  When I switching audio channels, I see only numbers instead of short-name
>>  of
>>  audio track.
>>  In VDR 1.3.41 everything is OK.
>>  Does anybody has the same problem?
> Confirmed. Only audio track number is displayed.
> But now audio track names work when replaying! ;-)
> But when replaying recording, preferred audio track is not selected, but the 
> first track found (as it was previously, when audio track names doesn't 
> work.)

I tested a patch from 

Seems that with this patch finnish DVB-T channels show correct audio 
language, instead of number. But with DVB-S channels (Canal Digital) 
only numbers are displayed.

But with or without this patch, languages on recordings are OK on 

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