[vdr] VDR netboot image

Bernd Juraschek vdr at bjusystems.de
Tue Feb 21 00:05:02 CET 2006

> I used gentoo, the boot rom will request a kernel from a tftp server, 
> and send it to the client, and boot the kernel, so you have to spin up a 
> kernel for that client, you can use the diskless nodes howto at gentoo 
> wiki to get a better idea.

I'm using NFS boot and not tftp. After building the kernel with NFS boot
enabled, I do

mkelf-linux --rootdir=/path-to-nfs-root-on-server,nfsvers=3,tcp --ip=dhcp vmlinuz > vmlinuz.nbi

This creates a kernel file bootable by etherboots NFS support. The boot
ROM image must have NFS boot enabled. So booting the client requests IP
address and boot image name from the DHCP server and gets the kernel
using NFS. I use the following dhcpd.conf section for the client:

host the-client-host-name {
  hardware ethernet 00:10:5a:5a:08:be;
  filename "/boot/vmlinuz.nbi";
  server-name "my-server-name";
  option routers;

A note for gentoo users: Some months ago I was not able to boot this way
because of a dhcpd >= 3.0.3. Downgrading to 3.0.1 has reanimated the thing.
May be the problem is fixed now.

Have fun,

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