[vdr] VDR netboot image

Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Tue Feb 21 00:36:35 CET 2006

En/na Bernd Juraschek ha escrit:
>> www.etherboot.org, this web site will make you the rom image, then you 
>> need the chip, mine was a 27c16 I think, then a programmer to burn the 
>> prom chip.   The web site supports most any network card that has a spot 
>> for a 28 pin chip, etc.
> Using this saite I've created a boot ROM image for CD boot. This way I
> need no hard disk and it's possible to use many cheapest network cards
> without boot PROM support. If you can't boot from CD-ROM you can try a
> floppy boot image ...

If the ethernet card has pxe (most integrated ethernet adapter made in
the last 3-4 years, maybe more, do) you don't need to burn a rom or a cd
or a floppy, you can piggy back etherboot to pxe or boot directly with
pxelinux (this way you can use a normal image, no need to make an nbi
image. You still have to prepare a suitable initrd though. Under
mandriva there's -or there was- a package called mkinitrd-net to aid in
this task).

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