[vdr] VDR netboot image

Andreas Holzhammer - GMX andreas.holzhammer at gmx.de
Tue Feb 21 10:21:31 CET 2006

Dave schrieb:
> Peer Oliver Schmidt wrote:
>> Dave,
>>>> would you mind providing some more information about your netboot 
>>>> image? Maybe even make the image/ tools available for other people 
>>>> to use?
>> [..]
>>> www.etherboot.org, this web site will make you the rom image, then 
>>> you need the chip, mine was a 27c16 I think, then a programmer to 
>>> burn the prom chip.   The web site supports most any network card 
>>> that has a spot for a 28 pin chip, etc.
>> Thanks for the info. I am looking for the remote root file to send to 
>> the diskless client. Any pointers for this?!
> I used gentoo, the boot rom will request a kernel from a tftp server, 
> and send it to the client, and boot the kernel, so you have to spin up a 
> kernel for that client, you can use the diskless nodes howto at gentoo 
> wiki to get a better idea.
> A lot of newer motherboards will use PXE boot, therefore no boot rom 
> needed.

I'm using Fedoras' "system-config-netboot" feature, which creates a 
network bootable system from a previously installed Fedora OS. It 
creates a "read only" base system, and r/w mounts parts that need to be 
written to. That way you can share the read only base between multiple 
clients, and they only take a few MB for their r/w data.
It also creates the pxelinux config, all you have to do is activate it 
in dhcpd.conf

I'm using a full blown Fedora image as read-only root (1.6GB), and the 
clients take up about 160MB (with 50MB v4l source and ~70MB vdr 
sources). The Client doesn't support PXE, so I used a Boot-CD created 
from www.rom-o-matic.net.


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