[vdr] Wrong language selected from transmission (YLE2 Olympics)

Ville Aakko ville.aakko at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 13:19:19 CET 2006


It seems VDR chooses the wrong language on some transmission for some reason. 
I have three favourite languages (i.e,. "Äänen kielet: 3") chosen in VDR: 
Finnish, Swedish ang english. On the Finnish Broadcasting Networks YLE2 
Olympics, VDR chooses the Swedish commentary for some reason, and I need to 
manually choose the Finnish one every time. I have VDR 1.3.42 (compiled on 
Debian stable/testing/unstable) and a DVB-C card (Technisat Cablestar2). I 
live in the Oulu region. 

Is the problem with the transmission (YLE/OPOY), my settings, or could this be 
a VDR bug? I haven't noticed this problem on any other channels (like YLE1 
and YLE24) when they are transmitting both Swedish and Finnish commentary.

Has anyone else here (using VDR in the Oulu DVB-C nerwork) noticed this 
problem, or the lack of?

- Ville Aakko 

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