[vdr] Streamdev HTTP attach not grabbing a free DVB card?

Jukka Vaisanen Jukka.Vaisanen at exomi.com
Tue Feb 21 21:14:57 CET 2006

Jose wrote: 
>> In both cases I think if that card was already being used for a
>> that recording would get bumped off regardless of any priorities etc.
>> Smells ugly..?
>If a card is used for a recording, cDevice::GetDevice don't take it.

But in the loop to find the device:

>>                         for (int i = 0; i < cDevice::NumDevices();
++i) {
>>                                 cDevice *dev = cDevice::GetDevice(i);
>>                                 if (dev->ProvidesChannel(current, 0)
&& dev != device) { newdev = dev;
>>                                         break;
>>                                 }

I don't see how GetDevice could not "take" a device being used for
recording since we're accessing it with an index number
0..(NumDevices-1) and not asking by channel + priority. And if GetDevice
were to return NULL here for a device being used for recording, this
would segfault on the dev->ProvidesChannel(...) call.

So I think it *will* grab the first device (by index) that a) can serve
this channel b) is not used for live tv.

- Jukka Vaisanen

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