[vdr] multiImages on TV screen with fbxine

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Tue Feb 21 23:09:02 CET 2006


Hu-Emulator wrote:

> This is a follow up; I am having trouble getting the correct display on my
> 42" sony lcd projection tv. It is mostly noticable watching hdtv 
> channels. When I watch a non hd channel the I get the left and right 
> black boarders.
> Video card Matrox g550 (output dvi input to tv hdmi)
> Settings: fbset -fb /dev/fb1 "1280x1024-70" -depth 16 -laced true
> fbxine command line: /usr/bin/fbxine --stdctl --deinterlace -V DirectFB -A
> alsa vdr:/tmp/vdr-xine/stream#demux:mpeg_pes > /tmp/xine.log 2>&1
> Please see the screenshots at: http://www.putfile.com/vlive

Thank you very much for taking pictures.

I had a G550 too and the problem seems to be hardware limitations. As 
far as I can tell, I had a similar picture when using -V vidixfb with 
content larger than 1024x1024 pixels (e. g. HDTV 1920x1080).

G550 hardware scaler can only address 1024x1024 pixels and trying to 
scale larger images results in wrapping images. Especially, the luma 
channel which really has 1920 pixels wraps at 1024 pixels, while the 
chroma channel which has only halve the resolution (960 pixels) is 
scaled properly. This seems to explain the white area at the upper left 
of the second image.

I'm not sure whether -V DirectFB makes use of G550 hardware scaler 
(video overlay), but at least the image looks like that.

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl
mailto:rnissl at gmx.de

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