[vdr] [RFC] Eliminating the 'summary' field of timers

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Wed Feb 22 10:19:25 CET 2006

Christian Wieninger wrote:
> Hi,
>>The 'aux' field shall be of no concern to VDR, so I don't see why there
>>should be a button wasted to display it. What's so important about that
>>information, anyway?
> It's not very important. The info about the search timer responsible for the recording
> was simply a user request. The same with the channel info. Atleast for the latter
> one could contact the skin authors. 

You could also define a command in the reccmds.conf file that
extracts this information from the recording's info.vdr file.

> Besides that, I don't think the button is wasted, since its not used til now and there 
> would be still one left (yellow).

The color buttons are a very limited resource, and I tend to
preserve them for VDR's own requirements ,-)


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