AW: [vdr] [RFC] Eliminating the 'summary' field of timers

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at
Thu Feb 23 00:02:21 CET 2006

... wrote:
> vdr-bounces at wrote:
>>Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>>>- The 'summary' field in the timer definition becomes a pure
>>>  string parameter, into which (external) applications can
>>>  write whatever they like. VDR will read and write it, but
>>>  otherwise won't do anything with it. The name of this field
>>>  would be changed to something like 'aux' or so.
>>>- The description of a recording is taken exclusively from its
>>>  related EPG data. If an application wants to use a different
>>>  description it would have to set it with SVDRP/PUTE and use
>>>  table ID 0x00, so that it won't be overwritten (as a side effect,
>>>  however, this would also disable VPS for such an event).
>>>  An added bonus of this method would be that not only the
>>>  'description' can be set, but also 'title' and 'short text'.
>>I like the fact that all my recordings have a summary - even those
>>that are recorded from channels which do not have any EPG info. 
> Me too, i program all my timers via skript from a website and i use the
> summaries to create the menues (and text) for the DVD-Menues. I also add
> episodenumbers to keep everything in order. So this change might have a big
> impact because i let the timers be programmed and change via vdradmin the
> summaries and titles, so i8'm finished after cutting. I don't want to change
> this. So if this change is what i think, than my automatic programming of
> timers will not work correctly and my vdrconvert scripts will create ugly
> dvds... :(
>>This is because epg2timers takes the summary from the web EPG and
>>enters it into the timer entry. When the actual recording takes
>>place, vdr moves the summary into the info.vdr file.  
>> This is nice as it is. I would consider it a step backwards if you
>>break it. 
> Me too and i will stay with 1.3.42 for a longer time
> /

Well, nobody keeps you from storing anything you like in the 'aux'
field of a timer. You'll find that string again in the resulting
info.vdr file - it will just have a different tag character.
The only change for you will be that VDR doesn't treat this
data as a "description" any more. Regarding your DVD processing
script I would assume that the only change you'd have to make
is replacing a 'D' with an '@' somewhere.


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