AW: AW: [vdr] [RFC] Eliminating the 'summary' field of timers

Matthias Schniedermeyer ms at
Thu Feb 23 07:44:29 CET 2006

... wrote:
> vdr-bounces at wrote:
>>>Me too, i program all my timers via skript from a website and i use
>>>the summaries to create the menues (and text) for the DVD-Menues. I
>>>also add episodenumbers to keep everything in order. So this change
>>>might have a big impact because i let the timers be programmed and
>>>change via vdradmin the summaries and titles, so i8'm finished after
>>>cutting. I don't want to change this. So if this change is what i
>>>think, than my automatic programming of timers will not work
>>>correctly and my vdrconvert scripts will create ugly dvds... :(
>>Well, nobody keeps you from storing anything you like in the 'aux'
>>field of a timer. You'll find that string again in the resulting
>>info.vdr file - it will just have a different tag character. 
>>The only change for you will be that VDR doesn't treat this data as a
>>"description" any more. Regarding your DVD processing script I would
>>assume that the only change you'd have to make is replacing a 'D'
>>with an '@' somewhere.   
> Okay, that with the tag is no problem, but editing the summary before the
> recording e.g. with vdradmin and then don't find this "description" in vdr
> after the recording , seems strange to me (i see the advantage to have the
> epg-description of the recording, but what happens if you record two movies
> in one recording or overlap a quarter hour to be sure to have the end
> recorded - than you only have the last EPG-description?), why not use one of
> the remaining color-buttons if you open the info of recording (afaik there
> only red and green in use) ?

VDRAdmin can (still) change it as VDRAdmin changes via SVDR and only the
(nowhere seen) NAME of the field is changed.

The field will still be the last field of a timer-line, so NEWT/MODT will
work the same as before.

Regarding your last worry.
I said to Klaus (before this discussion in a private mail) that he maybe
should drop the "one timer, one EPG-Event"-paradigma for the info.vdr and
place all EPG-Events that are (say) at least 90% overlapped with the timer.
OK. That way it would be easy to catch news or any other "few minutes"
things, when you use large enough margins, but i guess that would still be
better than catching the wrong EPG-Event and be scewed. :-)

Bis denn

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