AW: AW: [vdr] [RFC] Eliminating the 'summary' field of timers

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at
Thu Feb 23 09:23:43 CET 2006

... wrote:
> vdr-bounces at wrote:
>>>Me too, i program all my timers via skript from a website and i use
>>>the summaries to create the menues (and text) for the DVD-Menues. I
>>>also add episodenumbers to keep everything in order. So this change
>>>might have a big impact because i let the timers be programmed and
>>>change via vdradmin the summaries and titles, so i8'm finished after
>>>cutting. I don't want to change this. So if this change is what i
>>>think, than my automatic programming of timers will not work
>>>correctly and my vdrconvert scripts will create ugly dvds... :(
>>Well, nobody keeps you from storing anything you like in the 'aux'
>>field of a timer. You'll find that string again in the resulting
>>info.vdr file - it will just have a different tag character. 
>>The only change for you will be that VDR doesn't treat this data as a
>>"description" any more. Regarding your DVD processing script I would
>>assume that the only change you'd have to make is replacing a 'D'
>>with an '@' somewhere.   
> Okay, that with the tag is no problem, but editing the summary before the
> recording e.g. with vdradmin and then don't find this "description" in vdr
> after the recording , seems strange to me (i see the advantage to have the
> epg-description of the recording, but what happens if you record two movies
> in one recording

You can always program two overlapping timers, one for each
movie. I think this is the reasonable way to do it.

> or overlap a quarter hour to be sure to have the end
> recorded - than you only have the last EPG-description?),

VDR automatically selects the EPG entry that is covered the
most by the timer. If you record a 90 minute movie and give it
an extra half hour at the beginning and end, for instance, you
still will have the _movie's_ EPG info with the recording.

> why not use one of
> the remaining color-buttons if you open the info of recording (afaik there
> only red and green in use) ?

The "summary" field of the timers was implemented at a time when there
was no EPG handling in VDR, yet. Ever since EPG is handled by VDR, the
summary field is pretty much obsolete. I want to straighten things out
in that area and have _one_ source of information for recordings,
and that's, of course, the EPG. You can always insert external
EPG data if you want, and you can still use the "aux" field for any
"behind the scenes" stuff you want to handle.


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