[vdr] VDRAdmin doesn't display preview of channel

Kartsa kari at kniivila.com
Fri Feb 24 11:53:35 CET 2006

> From: vdr-bounces at linuxtv.org 
> Now about my problem. I've installed VDR and VDRAdmin using RPMs. 
> Everything works fine but preview of channel on the page 
> 'Watch TV' is 
> not working. It displays nothing. I tried to find what is 
> problem. As I 
> understand VDRAdmin grab video as images and then shows them 
> on the web 
> page. I didn't see any error messages in the VDRAdmin log or VDR log.
> (the fragment of VDR log):
>     Feb 15 21:26:30 localhost vdr: [3807] connect from 
>, port 
> 3035 - accepted
>     Feb 15 21:26:30 localhost vdr: [3807] closing SVDRP connection
> So, everything seems ok but video is not displayed.
> Any idea why?
> Thanks in advanced.
> My configuration: VDR 1.3.37 and  vdradmin-0.97-1.

If I recall correctly vdradmin writes an image file to /tmp and to do that
it has to have correct rights. Have you checked that.

Although I think there should be a message in log file.


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