[vdr] Can I remove the "Sort timers" setup option?

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Sat Feb 25 14:25:11 CET 2006

Andreas Brugger wrote:
> Klaus Schmidinger schrieb:
>> I would like to remove the "Sort timers" setup
>> option to make things simpler in the "Timers" menu.
>> Since IMHO it only makes sense to display the timers
>> sorted by their start time (and priority) there's
>> no real need to have this option.
>> But I might be mistaken and somebody absolutely needs this.
>> In that case, please "Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace" ;-)
> I was also wondering who would want to look at an unsorted timerlist. So 
> I would say it is reasonable to remove it.
> The unsorted order is the creation-time of the timer right?


> I don't think that there is much useful information in that.

Me neither.


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