[vdr] Wrong language selected from transmission (YLE2 Olympics)

Ville Aakko ville.aakko at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 19:21:49 CET 2006

2006/2/24, Klaus Schmidinger <Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de>:
> The actual problem was in cDevice::AttachPlayer().
> Please try the attached patch (and revert to the original code in SetTrackDescriptions()
> in case you have applied Rolf's patch).
> If this doesn't help, please provide the channels.conf entry of the
> channel, together with the epg.data entry of an event where you have
> different audio languages.


The patch seems to work perfectly!

Well, it works for me at least for the Men's Slalom running just now.
Even the labels are correct (swe & fin, and the latter one selected as
default and contains the right language). Also, before applying the
patch I noticed the EPG was also in Swedish (I hadn't noticed that
before). It seems to be corrected with the patch above, too, or then
it was something else.

I also tried recording, and it seems it still automatically chooses
swedish. The audio choises for recordings are 2xfin (and "fin & 2" for
recordings made before applying your patch, it seems). The second
"fin" get's selected (but contains the Swedish commentary) for

I don't think I'll be recording anything from these Olympics, so it
doesn't really matter for me, but if you need someone to test your
patches I sure can do that ;). Thanks!

Ville Aakko - ville.aakko at gmail.com

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