[vdr] Reelbox

Marco Göbenich mg at vierzehn.com
Sun Feb 26 09:14:46 CET 2006


The features are very interesting but I wonder :

How to Timeshift without Harddisk? (32 MB DiskOnAChip + 128 MB RAM is to 
How to Record 4 Stations on 4 transponders with only 2 DVB-S or does 
anybody know a card with integrated twin-tuner that additionally works 
under Linux?
And last but not least, they list as feature HDTV compatibility, is 
there any card supported by Linux in the moment?



Peter Juszack schrieb:
> I found an interesting website about the Reelbox 'MediaCenter'. It uses VDR.
> Since a harddisc is an 'extra' the OS and VDR must be on an intergrated 
> flash storage
> or something similar.
> Some time ago there were some negative postings about that company here. 
> Does
> anyone know details about that box?
> Website and appearance of the box is quite smart.
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