[vdr] hardware pecularities...

Guido Fiala gfiala at s.netic.de
Sun Feb 26 16:26:21 CET 2006

Did anyone notice, that the picture (at least th OSD-portion) becomes unsharp 
when the card is becoming hotter? This is not just "a bit" - at my DLP i can 
see the difference easily...

Is this a problem of all FF-cards or only certain ones? (i have still a 
version 1.3 one)

I also noticed, that other problems seem to happen more often if i close the 
case of my system, hell - i'am not speaking of really hot parts, one could 
still touch it after all.

There are visible artifacts on the screen when content is changing 
dramatically and/or freezes which can only fixed by restarts/reboots, 
sometimes even having let it cooling down for a few minutes.

It is already the second card (first one the MPEG-decoder has died, it still 
gives a budget-card equivalent), so whenever it finally burns out i want to 
buy a good designed FF card next time. Suggestions? 

Or, alternatively - are there any easy methods to cool the cards better?
What chips beside the tuner would have to be cooled?

My bttv-card sits exactly on top of the saa7146 and has absolutely no problem 
dealing with that temperature, i blame the hardware manufacturer that it gets 
so hot in the first part at all (it is not even a LNB connected, it should 
stay stone cold) :-(

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