[vdr] Reelbox

Lars Bläser lars.blaeser at lycosxxl.de
Sun Feb 26 21:03:01 CET 2006

Marco Göbenich wrote:

> How to Timeshift without Harddisk? (32 MB DiskOnAChip + 128 MB RAM is to
> small)

they are a little sloppy about the description of features (to there
favorits, but have started to make "*" signs on some places)

> And last but not least, they list as feature HDTV compatibility

just on the paper, as long they don't have a dvb-s2 tuner card for the
reelbox (they have added the dvb-s2 tuner to there specs) it will be
hard to proof that its working (IF, then i guess it will be max. 720p in
h.264 with the BSP-15 chip inside the box) - i don't count
mpeg2-hd-signal as real hdtv and a demo played from dvd is not the same
as having a tuner and dolby digital to cope along with the video
if you read the specs and then the posts from vdrportal.de whats really
working (dolby digital, CSS protectes dvd´s, dvd creation) ...

just read a little on www.vdrportal.de (just ignore the comments about
personal things and flames - on some points the discussion was a little
bit religious like threads about windows/linux)
and don't forget the reelbox forum, on some points you can string things
together to guess what is not working

i will have a closer look on there next box (BSP-16?, dvb-s2, h.264-1080i)

> there any card supported by Linux in the moment?

no there is no dvb-s2 capable card for linux, TechnoTrend may release a
 budget card in march (~130€) and lets hope the hardware is similar to
the old budget (i don't think tey will have source for linux) so that
someone can extend the normal dvb-s drivers
beside this there is a survey on dvbportal.de what a TT-FF-DVB-S2
should have (if they ever release one)

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