[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdr-soppalusikka-0.0.1

Jörg Bornkessel ml at websitec.de
Mon Feb 27 01:56:48 CET 2006

You wrote on Monday, February 27, 2006 :

> Hi,

> bugs, so here's the first public release for newly released vdr-1.4.44:

Nice, on my try to compile it under vdr-1.3.41 i'v got following

error "You don't exist! Go away! Upgrade yourself!"

But this is not the reason on my reply:

Rolf, do you think the config DIR is the right place to store the
logos and themes files?

Feature Request on comming up Version.

Add all logos/*xpm and themes/*.theme to one directory
maybe skinsoppalusikka/{themes/*.theme,logos/*xpm}
end give the plugin a parameter to find the way to the
skinsoppalusikka DIR
in Example "-d /usr/share/vdr/skinsoppalusikka"  per default
This is easyer, then do always made a patch Orgie to korrekt the PATH
on diffrent linux-distris.



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