[vdr] Reelbox

Mario Ivankovits mario at ops.co.at
Mon Feb 27 20:47:20 CET 2006

Hi Harald!

>> We need a high end pc which produces pretty much heat and noise just to
>> view non-recordable copy protected stuff.
> There is no such thing like HDCP end-to-end
> (broadcasting station - TV set) encryption (or am I missing something here?
I think this is what THEY try to archive.

> We aren't talking about illegal watching here, are we?
No, we are talking about having a harddisk recorder with all the comfort
we currently have using the great VDR.
Being able to do recording and timeshift.
I have to admit I stopped exporting recordings to dvd (too error prone
and due to self-destroing dvd medias), but having such a feature might
be nice for others.

> So - don't give up that quickly... 


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