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Tue Feb 28 15:49:09 CET 2006

En/na Harald Milz ha escrit:
> Luca Olivetti <luca at ventoso.org> wrote:
>> En/na Harald Milz ha escrit:
>>> There is no such thing like HDCP end-to-end
>>> (broadcasting station - TV set) encryption (or am I missing something here?
>>> Can somebody please shed some light on this?).
>> http://www.firingsquad.com/hardware/ati_nvidia_hdcp_support/
> Slightly off-topic. This is about Windows Vista compatible (HDCP capable)
> computer monitors and playing back Blu-Ray or HD-DVD on Windows Vista. I
> am talking about the graphics card driver for Linux.  Mind you, LCD
> flat panel TV sets are mostly HDCP capable now (if you pay attention
> when you buy) so this is not an issue.
> The question is if anything in a DVB-S2 broadcasting requires /
> enforces the graphics card to HD ready TV set link (DVI or HDMI) to
> be HDCP encrypted. If you have a shrinkwrapped device (e.g. a Premiere
> set-top box) that requires a HDCP capable display you can't avoid having
> one. AFAIK the _device_ enforces HDCP not the broadcasting (this is
> different with HD-DVD or Blu-Ray but this is another story). If this
> is true, I can't see what the problem is... 

Well, I don't know how HDCP works (and I'm not really interested in HD
at the moment) so I'm surely wrong, but the above link gave me the
impression that there is some kind of end-to-end encryption, and every
device in the chain has to cooperate if you want to see the full
resolution, so if it is possible to keep it encrypted from the dvd to
the tv/monitor it will surely be possible to do the same from the
broadcaster to the tv/monitor.


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