[vdr] VDSB Video Data Stream Broken

Martin Schoenbeck ms.usenet.nospam at schoenbeck.de
Wed Jan 4 10:45:05 CET 2006

An addition:

Martin Schoenbeck schrieb:

> I saw it after posting about Reinhard's patch and activated it yesterday 
> night. Since then I have a huge amount of
> Jan  4 04:17:55 saturn vdr[8293]: ERROR: frontend 1 lost lock
> Jan  4 04:17:55 saturn vdr[8293]: frontend 1 regained lock
> messages. About every 5 to 10 messages the same appears with frontend 2. 
>  I had no restarts up to now, even after starting a recording, which 
> would have induced a restart for sure before.

Primary device is 1, there are three devices.

And I just found a restart on yesterday evening, after posting, that 
there were none and before installing your patch:

Jan  3 20:10:02 saturn vdr[4496]: ERROR: frontend 1 timed out while 
tuning - re-tuning
Jan  3 20:10:05 saturn last message repeated 3 times
Jan  3 20:10:06 saturn vdr[4403]: ERROR: device 2 has no lock, can't 
attach receiver!
Jan  3 20:10:06 saturn vdr[4403]: initiating emergency exit


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