[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdr-autosort-0.0.8

"Sami J. Mäkinen" sjm at plenware.fi
Wed Jan 4 14:40:17 CET 2006

Lauri Tischler wrote:
>>> Teleshop:Priority =
>>> 30:HasName=store:HasName=q_:HasName=sell:HasName=buy:HasName=shop:HasName=noello:HasName=markt:HasName=market:HasNa
>>> Teleshop2:Priority =
>>> 30:HasName=arena:HasName=biet:HasName=auction:HasName=gems:HasName=price:HasName=bid:HasName=best:HasName=sonnenkl
>>> Teleshop3:Priority =
>>> 30:HasName=bazaar:HasName=punto:HasName=performance:HasName=thane:HasName=warehouse:HasName=ideas:HasName=made
>>> in:
>>> Just having single line and file, ie.
>>> Teleshop:Priority = 30:HasName=/var/vdrcfg/plugins/TeleShop:Sort

I had to increase a hardcoded list length in the source code
to fit all my teleshop-keywords on a single line. :)
By default, the plugin accepts a list of 10 HasName directives
at once. Bleh.

>> OTOH I don't have any better idea to solve this.
>> Are there any further suggestions or other opinions for that?

> Maybe having Include command, ie..
> Teleshop:Priority = 30:Include=/var/vdrcfg/plugins/TeleShop:Sort
> and the file TeleShop has all defs, one per line, like..
> HasName=sell
> HasName=buy

I would vote for regexp support _and_ included files.
The parser should also support continued lines with "\",
for example. Like this:


Either Perl regexp or at least egrep syntax should be sufficient.
It would be a good idea to include a regexp library with the plugin
just to make the regexp behavior uniform on all different platforms.
The regexp libraries provided by the operating system tend to differ.

-- sjm
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