[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdr-autosort-0.0.8

CopyPoint info at copypointburscheid.de
Wed Jan 4 14:43:21 CET 2006

>>Im not sure if that's the right way
>>it can/will result in one file per group plus one control file
>>will this really increase read- and useability?
>Most groups would not have this file at all, only groups like
>TeleShop, Religion and such.


>>OTOH I don't have any better idea to solve this.
>>Are there any further suggestions or other opinions for that?
>Maybe having Include command, ie..
>Teleshop:Priority = 30:Include=/var/vdrcfg/plugins/TeleShop:Sort
>and the file TeleShop has all defs, one per line, like..

So then, why not scan a subdir for files with the same name like the 
defined groups?
I'll try something like this these days.

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