[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdr-autosort-0.0.8

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Wed Jan 4 14:55:33 CET 2006

> >>>
> >>> Just having single line and file, ie.
> >>> Teleshop:Priority = 30:HasName=/var/vdrcfg/plugins/TeleShop:Sort
>I had to increase a hardcoded list length in the source code
>to fit all my teleshop-keywords on a single line. :)
>By default, the plugin accepts a list of 10 HasName directives
>at once. Bleh.

0.0.9 (not out now) containes a #define for this limit
any suggestion for the default value?

>I would vote for regexp support _and_ included files.
>The parser should also support continued lines with "\",
>for example. Like this:
>  HasName=/(bible|bibel|bid|biet|bolsa|boutiq|buy|caixa|campania)/:\
>  HasName=/(ceramic|challeng|chat|church|compra|date|dating|daystar)/:\
>  .....:\
>  Sort
>Either Perl regexp or at least egrep syntax should be sufficient.
>It would be a good idea to include a regexp library with the plugin
>just to make the regexp behavior uniform on all different platforms.
>The regexp libraries provided by the operating system tend to differ.

Oh sh..., do you have any link for me where to learn how to work with that 

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