[vdr] Multiple MediaMVPs and parallel viewing

Dominic Morris dom at suborbital.org.uk
Wed Jan 4 16:07:46 CET 2006

On Wed, 4 Jan 2006, Peer Oliver Schmidt wrote:

> Hi,
> after I got my MediaMVP running with both mediamvp plugin and the vompserver, 
> I am getting greedy :-)
> Is it possible to stream different programms to different MVPs? i.e. I want 
> one person to watch in the living room a documentary, while another person 
> watches the latest sports, and the third person is watching a recording.
> Anyone has any experience with this?

Yup, should work fine as long as you have enough devices and you've not 
got everything stuck on a single 10 hub. Though having said that I've only 
tested 2 at the same time.



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