[vdr] dithernPatch and Demo

Frank dac440 at gmx.net
Wed Jan 4 21:29:34 CET 2006

> In the last days of 2005 I have written an small but effect full patch
> for VDR.
> It allows the developer to mix two Colors. So if your Memory only allows
> you to use 4 Colors, you can mix them to 16 Colors :-)
> If you can use 8 Colors then you can mix them to 64 Colors.
> This is the theory. Not all colors looks nice. But you can use them.
> An other limitation is that you only can use the new colors for
> (maybe I will expand this to the other elements)


I have attached a patch for the demonstration because on my system with
FF-cards the plugin will create but not osd is not show
-> ("wrong aligment" in log).
-> Width will now defined with "& ~0x07"
Three other changes also included:
1. osd will only deleted if it exist before creating osd (i'm not sure if it
2. i think the definition of area was to big (height and width is now
decreased by 1)
3. without the patch for vdr only 1 color is used

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