[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdr-autosort-0.0.8

"Sami J. Mäkinen" sjm at plenware.fi
Wed Jan 4 22:16:40 CET 2006

CopyPoint wrote:
>> >>> Just having single line and file, ie.
>> >>> Teleshop:Priority = 30:HasName=/var/vdrcfg/plugins/TeleShop:Sort

>> I had to increase a hardcoded list length in the source code
>> to fit all my teleshop-keywords on a single line. :)
>> By default, the plugin accepts a list of 10 HasName directives
>> at once. Bleh.

> 0.0.9 (not out now) containes a #define for this limit
> any suggestion for the default value?

You really should use a better, dynamic data structure for this purpose,
a linked list for example. Then there would be no limit for the number of
elements in that list. :)

I would use something quite large such as 256 or 1024 for these tables,
so that "anyone will be very unlikely to ever see this limit".
Unless this leads to very high, unjustified cpu or memory usage, of course.

BTW, when I run channelsort by hand from the main menu, my vdr takes
100% of my 2.4G celeron cpu. I have 3834 lines in my channels.conf,
because I have five satellites available. On the other hand, this is
the very reason why I found channelsort plugin necessary. Channels come and go.
There might be something that could be optimized in the code, I bet.
Hey, we are not compressing video data here. :)

If you could provide us with a short explanation of the algorithms
and data structures, you may get some educated guesses of what
may be improved. I could use some time for this, if you appreciate help.

>> Either Perl regexp or at least egrep syntax should be sufficient.
>> It would be a good idea to include a regexp library with the plugin
>> just to make the regexp behavior uniform on all different platforms.
>> The regexp libraries provided by the operating system tend to differ.

> Oh sh..., do you have any link for me where to learn how to work with
> that libs?

I would begin with the regexp implementation that comes with Apache
and/or Perl. Take a look into the READMEs, source code, licensing etc.
It might be relatively easy to take apart the regexp implementation
and use it in your own program. I have not tried this myself, though.

Maybe either or both could be included with the plugin source code
without licensing problems. On the other hand, someone can see this
as a major bloat. Maybe the regexp library should be selectable
in the Makefile, either use system library or the one included with
the plugin itself.

-- sjm
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