[vdr] Softdevice crashes on channels that are not Stereo

Dave inssomniak at mountaincable.net
Thu Jan 5 03:17:26 CET 2006

I have this new error after changing motherboards in a VDR box.

Jan  4 20:03:59 vdr vdr[6909]: setting audio track to 1 (0)
Jan  4 20:03:59 vdr vdr[6912]: [softdevice-audio] samplerate: 48000Hz, channels: #1
Jan  4 20:03:59 vdr vdr[6912]: [softdevice-audio] Channels count non available FATAL exiting
Jan  4 20:04:00 vdr vdr[6516]: DFB remote control thread ended (pid=6516)

Any time I tune to a "mono" channel, VDR Softdevice crashes, whenever Channels: #1

I Only changed the motherboard, nothing in VDR, so I suspect some sound misconfiguration.
I just have no idea what?

Vdr 1.3.37
Softdevice CVS fairly recent

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