[vdr] Issues with Stream-dev and 1.3.37

Mlists mlists at dressler.ca
Thu Jan 5 19:51:25 CET 2006

Hi all,

I've finally grabbed a second machine to setup by the TV and I want to
run vdr in streamdev-client mode.

I have vdr running on my primary back-end machine.

I have an Xbox running vdr streamdev-client on Xebian and its working ok
for the most part (vdr-1.3.27 I believe or it might be vdr-1.3.32).
These came precompiled from a web site.

On this new slave machine, I've install Debian, vdr and xine.  My
problems are as follows:

1)  The xine plugin never gets around to loading (you see the prompts on
the output when its queuing frames -- I don't get that all the time).
As a result, Xine starts and stops immediately.

2)  When I did get it running (once or twice) you can't change channels
without it going unresponsive.  Remember, the backend runs perfectly
with the same xine plugin so it's not a tuning issue.

3)  Cosmetic but a pain -- when VDR exits, it always gives a
segmentation fault.

Would I be better off to roll back to a previous version for this setup?
If so, what version should I use?

I have a recent kernel, recent DVB drivers, the plugins are all recent
as well.


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