[vdr] VDSB Video Data Stream Broken

Martin Schoenbeck ms.usenet.nospam at schoenbeck.de
Fri Jan 6 00:28:30 CET 2006

Hi Klaus,

Klaus Schmidinger schrieb:

> Have you edited this log?
> I'm missing the "switching to channel ..." messages.
> How do you actually set both devices at the same time?

Nobody is switching channels then. Perhaps the EPG-Scan is running, but 
AFAIK not on two cards. We see and hear under certain conditions (I 
assume, it happens, when then retuning is on the primary device) sort of 
glitches any several seconds. But these glitches are some milliseconds, 
not two seconds.

It seems to be retuning just for fun. ;-)

> Anyway, apparently there just is no lock within the two seconds
> tuning timeout. Please try setting DVBS_TUNE_TIMEOUT to a higher value.
> Let me know what's the smallest value that just doesn't give
> you the timeout messages any more.

I took 4 seconds and will report.


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