[vdr] xine: very high CPU load

Alexander Munro lt.munro at gmail.com
Fri Jan 6 10:21:45 CET 2006

> I had a similar problem.  In my case, the problem was that I used the
> --stdctl (sp?) option.  Since I did not start it from a terminal,
> there simply was no terminal from where to accept commands, but xine
> just kept trying to find one.
> Problem was solved by removing the option, but as a downside, now xine
> shows the mouse cursor for a few seconds every time the picture size
> changes.

Nope. I run xine from a terminal and I don't use --stdctl. I forgot to
say that xine produces a lot of "bad_frame" messages in the terminal.
Maybe it has some meaning?

I've just run strace and it showed hundreds of:

ioctl(4, FIONREAD, [0])                 = 0
select(5, [4], NULL, NULL, {0, 33000})  = 0 (Timeout)

and also (but not so many):

futex(0x8168ee4, FUTEX_WAIT, 809, NULL) = 0
futex(0x8168f18, FUTEX_WAKE, 1)         = 1

I have no idea what it means but the former don't seem good, does it?

Jarek <lt.munro at gmail.com>

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