[vdr] Autodetach unused receiver

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Fri Jan 6 14:52:50 CET 2006

Patrick Fischer wrote:
> So I have written an Patch that fixed that unused cReceiver will be 
> detached automaticly if the source was changed.
> Attach a cReceiver to Channel ABC on PID xyz.
> If you switch to an other Channel on the same transponder the you can 
> still receiver the data on the PID xyz. But if you switch to an other 
> Channel on an other transponder, then the receiver needs to detached 
> (NeedsDetachReceivers). (depends on the Prio)
> For me it seems to be forgotten from Klaus.
> So I hope my patch will fix it.
> I need it for my Plugin.
> Hope this will included in 1.5.x :-)

Well, I'd say this should be included in version 1.4 ;-)

Please test the attached version of the patch, which is
how I'm going to do it. The line numbers may be somewhat
off, because I've already made some other changes.

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