[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdr-autosort-0.0.8

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Fri Jan 6 17:04:55 CET 2006

Sorry for the late answer, but buisiness is like hell these days.

> > 0.0.9 (not out now) containes a #define for this limit
> > any suggestion for the default value?
>You really should use a better, dynamic data structure for this purpose,
>a linked list for example. Then there would be no limit for the number of
>elements in that list. :)

Yes, i droped that just because of lazyness.
would be a derivation of vdrs list object overweightend or should i just 
take it?

>I would use something quite large such as 256 or 1024 for these tables,
>so that "anyone will be very unlikely to ever see this limit".
>Unless this leads to very high, unjustified cpu or memory usage, of course.

Thats much to much memory waste for just two or three groups with around 50 
HasName entrys
So 64 should be a realistic limit for the meantime.
Who uses a rotor or a T90 _normally_ can read and write and adjust it

>BTW, when I run channelsort by hand from the main menu, my vdr takes
>100% of my 2.4G celeron cpu. I have 3834 lines in my channels.conf,
>because I have five satellites available. On the other hand, this is
>the very reason why I found channelsort plugin necessary. Channels come 
>and go.
>There might be something that could be optimized in the code, I bet.
>Hey, we are not compressing video data here. :)

That's the ugliest pice of code at all
vdr doesn't return to it's main loop and watchdog is refreshed with a fixed 
The hole thing will change when i come to implement threading i think

>If you could provide us with a short explanation of the algorithms
>and data structures, you may get some educated guesses of what
>may be improved. I could use some time for this, if you appreciate help.

Thank you, but it's to early for finetuning.
ATM autosort checks for each group wich channel could fit
That has to change to "where does this channel fit" with longtime goal to 
recive any kind of signal from vdr on channel change and resort this at once.
But first let me come to something that is allowed to be called "stable"

>Maybe either or both could be included with the plugin source code
>without licensing problems. On the other hand, someone can see this
>as a major bloat.

It is!

If I understood right, regex.h is the only thing i can expect to be 
installed on a minimal system (thanks to Darren for pointing me to that)
maybe libpcre can come later as addon, we'll see


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