[vdr] sourcecaps, vdr-1.3.36, and concurrent recordings

Jeremy Hall jhall at maoz.com
Sat Jan 7 03:20:55 CET 2006


My sourcecaps looks like this:

SourceCaps = 1 S1W S2W S3W S4W
SourceCaps = 2 S1W S2W S3W

Card1 is a budget card

Card2 is a FF card and is PrimaryDevice.

I was watching a channel on S4W, which meant the budget card was feeding 
the stream to the FF card for display.  Normally when I record, I am 
watching the FF card directly, and when the recording starts vdr spins up 
the budget and tunes to the recording channel so that both cards are tuned 
to the same channel if I am watching the same chanel I am recording.  
Anything on S4 is unavailable while recording.

When the event started on S2, I expected vdr to leave card0 alone and tune 
card1 (the ff card) to S2 and start recording from the FF card.

Instead, my program on S4 was rudely interrupted, vdr switched to the 
recording channel, and refused to let me watch the S4 content.

I tried a variety of cluges, including two timers, one on S2 and one on 
S4--that yielded about 30 seconds of content showing then vdr just died.

Does anybody understand what might be going on?


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