[vdr] Recordings > 24 hours

Olaf Titz olaf at bigred.inka.de
Sat Jan 7 01:34:45 CET 2006

> For playbackability with VDR in the 'simplest' case you only need to fix
> the file-number in the index.vdr-file and append that onto the first
> recording and move the XXX.VDR-files with the fixed name into the first
> recording dir.
> But that way the overlapp would still be there.
> So you needed a program that finds the exact frame where the first
> recording stopped. Then finds the exact same frame in the next recording
> and then copies the portion of 001.vdr from the next-recording and appends
> and fixes the content of the index.vdr beginning after the frame you

A bit simpler:

1. Move all the nnn.vdr files into new directories, renumbering them in
   the right order and make sure that each possible overlap is
   actually in one dir. E.g. if you have 1/001-1/005, 2/001-2/255,
   3/001-3/023 you could reorder this as
   x1/001-x1/004 (from 1/001-1/004)
   x2/001-x2/099 (from 1/005, 2/001-2/098)
   x3/001-x3/178 (from 2/100-2/255, 3/001-3/023)
   (You can completely disregard index and other files.)

2. Run genindex in each of the new dirs.

3. Fix the cut-points. This is left as the only programming exercise,
   but supposedly noad can do this already (-o flag).

4. Run vdrsync --cut or whatever.

I'm doing this routinely (by hand, don't ask me for a script :-) to
join multi-part episodes of certain shows. Here the first step is
trivial as most recordings consist only of 2 or 3 nnn.vdr files and
for the third step I need noad anyway.


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