[vdr] Still trouble with conditional access

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Sat Jan 7 15:43:41 CET 2006

Pierre JUHEN wrote:
> Yes, all the TPS channels are correct.
> The trace I sent was the one when I did what you advise : put the CA 
> parameter to free to air (0)
> that's why it changed.

Well, then I'm afraid I don't know what else to do.

If you tune to an encrypted channel with CA=0, one of the
first things you should see in your log file is soemthing

   changing caids of channel 46 from 0 to 1801,1722,1702

which indicates that VDR has received the current caids and then

   retuning due to modification of channel 46

which indicates that it reinitializes the CAM settings for
this channel.

Nothing like that happens when I tune to the channel you
gave me, that's why I assume that something could be wrong
with the channel data.


> Klaus Schmidinger a écrit :
>> Pierre JUHEN wrote:
>>> Yes, It's a main channel, and I still have the TPS set-top-box : 
>>> channel is active, and working
>>> on the set top box.
>> Then are you sure that the channel data is correct?
>> When I program this channel here and tune to it, it doesn't
>> make any attempt to update the channel data or CA descriptors.
>> Klaus
>>> Klaus Schmidinger a écrit :
>>>> Are you sure that this channel is currently broadcasting anything?

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