[vdr] rid and channels that have incorrect data

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Sun Jan 8 15:34:35 CET 2006

Malcolm Caldwell wrote:
> Hello,
> A few of the channels I can receive broadcast incorrect data.  (Eg
> satellite data where nid is not unique across the whole satellite.  I
> also have a terrestrial channel that does not broadcast the correct
> frequency).
> What I do in this situation is use rid.  There is one problem:
> Even with rid!=0, the channel will still be updated by vdr.  So, to fix
> the channel I have to have two versions.
> The first with rid=0 which vdr updates and installs the incorrect data.
> The second has rid=1 which vdr leaves alone.
> Now: given that rid!=0 will never be set by a scan, I think it would be
> better if vdr just left all rid!=0 channels alone.  This way rid could
> indicate "don't auto update".  This behaviour would not affect the other
> use of rid.
> Now, I know some people are going to say "get the broadcasters to fix
> it"...,  but I don't think that is a reason not to make this change.

I wonder how commercial STBs can receive these channels if
they broadcast bogus data...?


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