[vdr] VDR 1.3.38: menu key no longer works

Peter Bieringer pb at bieringer.de
Sun Jan 8 16:45:54 CET 2006

Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> Looks like all function keys are no longer working, I have assigned the
>> color keys to F1 to F4, non of them working in 1.3.38.
> Well, at least F1..F4 do work for me.
> Please add some debug printf's to cKbdRemote::ReadKeySequence()
> and try to find out what goes wrong.

It's caused by the 64 bit shift limit, pressing F12 causes 5 ReadKey
calls, resulting in 80 bit, but only lower 64 bit are returned:

cKbdRemote::ReadKeySequence: r=1 k=1b key1=0
cKbdRemote::ReadKeySequence: r=2 k=1b5b key1=0
cKbdRemote::ReadKeySequence: r=3 k=1b5b32 key1=0
cKbdRemote::ReadKeySequence: r=4 k=1b5b3232 key1=0
cKbdRemote::ReadKeySequence: r=5 k=5b323234 key1=1b
cKbdRemote::ReadKeySequence: r=5 k=5b323234

I've added

fprintf(stderr, "cKbdRemote::ReadKeySequence: r=%d k=%lx key1=%x\n", r,
k, key1);

after each "k |=


  if (k != 0) {
    fprintf(stderr, "cKbdRemote::ReadKeySequence: r=%d k=%lx\n", r, k);

before "return k"

BTW: it' strange that key1 is set to 0 after
	k |=...


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