[vdr] problem with timer and VPS

Martin Schoenbeck ms.usenet.nospam at schoenbeck.de
Sun Jan 8 20:34:24 CET 2006

Hi Klaus,

Klaus Schmidinger schrieb:
> Well, that still leaves the question whether to use the end time
> that has been defined in the original timer, or that of the event
> the timer has been set to (see cTimer::Matches(time_t t, bool Directly)).
> Working around messy data is always tricky...

I think, the main reason, to use vps-support, is to get the full 
recording, even if Gottschalk was just before. So recording at least as 
much as given in the timer entry would help a lot. Perhaps you could set 
  cut marks for start and end of vps-timing, so we wouldn't miss 
anything, even if the events are not sent correctly, but are enabled to 
detect it and advise the broadcaster, to change this.


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