[vdr] enAIO for 1.3.38

Anssi Hannula anssi.hannula at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 03:20:59 CET 2006

hgm.bg wrote:
> Hi Rolf,
> Usually you have your patch a few hours after the release of a new VDR ready
> :) Thanks for that. Today i can only find your ttxtsubs and other patches
> for 1.3.38. The version 2.8 of 1.3.37 gives me to much rejects. Any ETA ?
> Thanks anyway for your work....

I'm not a user of enAIO, so I don't know what patches that includes, but
Rolf seems to have released a new patchset named liemikuutio:


2006-01-08: Version 1.0

- Based on enAIO with these original patches:
  Simple recordings sorting by Walter at VDRPortal
  Alternate rename recordings by Ralf Müller
  Menu selection by Peter Dittmann
  Recording length by Tobias Faust

Anssi Hannula

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