[vdr] user profiles for VDR

Peter Juszack vdr at unterbrecher.de
Mon Jan 9 19:34:49 CET 2006

Hi list,

    for some time I think about user profiles on the vdr. It would be a big
change which cannot be implemented via plugin but has to be done within vdr.

But with the new suid stuff vdr is not far away from that.

My first thoughts about that:

1. Possibility to create VDR users according to the users on the 
machine. After
startup vdr will show a menu to select a user. Password should be a pin 
(e.g. 0815).
Something that can be entered via remote control

2. vdr calls suid and runs as the selected user. Advantage: access to 
users home (read+write)

3. seperate channel lists for each user

4. limited users who cannot modify their channel lists (e.g. kids)

I am not quite sure how much work this would be. Maybe there are some 
others who have more
ideas concerning user profiles.
That would be something real new what no other SettopBox can do.

Regards Peter

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