[vdr] VDR 1.3.38 and "-u root"

Carsten Presser cpresser at fsing.uni-sb.de
Mon Jan 9 23:32:22 CET 2006

Ludwig Nussel schrieb:
> Udo Richter wrote:
>>Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>>>There have been reports from people who want to run
>>>VDR as user 'root' and have trouble with access rights
>>>when using "-u root".
>>>The attached patch simply skips all the SetCaps() and SetUser()
>>>stuff when VDR is started as 'root' and the option "-u root"
>>>has been given. This should then behave just like older versions.
>>Wouldn't it be a lot more natural and intuitive if the default for -u 
>>would be not to switch users at all? It wouldn't change the (previous) 
>>default behavior and it doesn't use two hard-coded user names (vdr and 
>>root). Specifying -u root to disable switching is at least strange...
> For distributions the only sane default is to ship vdr running as
> unprivileged user. It's really helpful if upstream vdr also behaves
> this way by default as more people and especially plugin developers
> notice if there are permission problems.

Permission Problems...
it seems you are right with this assumption. I just worked several 
hours, trying to get bitstreamout to work.... and guess: the user vdr 
was not allowed do access /dev/audio*.

But still, I like the non-root concept... now vdr ist more 'mature'.


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