[vdr] Beviour of menu key in 1.3.38

Helmut Auer vdr at helmutauer.de
Tue Jan 10 18:38:06 CET 2006

Hi Klaus,

>I want to be able to press one single button to get out of whatever
>is currently on the OSD - and that's the Menu key. 
Why don't you use the BACK ( on most remote controls EXIT ) key for that ?

>Previously, when
>I wanted to get rid of the Audio menu, I often found myself pressing
>the Menu button, just to be annoyed by the fact that it then actually
>openend the main menu.
Thats what I like - when pressing menu I want to reach the menu. For 
clearing OSD I use exit.
That's what my wife already understands easily :-)

Helmut Auer, helmut at helmutauer.de 

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