[vdr] vdr-1.3.38 and low SR channel black]

Juergen Judt chuck at nikmo.de
Thu Jan 12 00:18:39 CET 2006

I have here the same Problem (no Locks by channel switching by some
transponders) with VDR 1.3.38 with DVB-T.

Of course I have not so strong DVB-T signal, but with VDR 1.3.37 I have no
Problems with channel switching and Locks!!

With tests with both VDR versions above I use the same kernel (2.6.15) and
DVB driver.

Has this anything to do with the following changes?

- Improved TS/PES conversion to better handle lost TS packets (thanks to
Reinhard Nissl).
- The DVB devices now retune (and, if applicable, resend the DiSEqC data) if
the lock is lost (based on a patch from Reinhard Nissl).
- Fixed handling TS packets in cTS2PES (thanks to Reinhard Nissl).
- Any cReceivers still attached to a cDevice when that device switches to a
different transponder are now automatically detached (suggested by Patrick
- Adapted c(Dvb)Device: ProvidesCa() to the dynamic CA handling.
- Added a mutex to synchronize cDevice: PlayPesPacket() and
(thanks to Reinhard Nissl).

best regards,

Juergen Judt

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