[vdr] Run vdr as non-root

Udo Richter udo_richter at gmx.de
Fri Jan 13 00:23:41 CET 2006

Peter Juszack wrote:
> By now I ran vdr as root. I wanted to change that but never did...
> When the setuid-stuff was introduced I now managed to do so. Since I
> beleive some people use Debian (like me)
> I will shortly describe what has to be done to eliminate access problems.

Another suggestion from someone who's using a vdr user for some time:

One of my frequent mistakes was to leave files and folders with wrong
access rights in the video folder or in the .conf files, resulting in
VDR not being able to write timers, not being able to delete recordings,
or (worst) not being able to record to a sub-folder. There's a less
known way to avoid such mistakes: Set the setgid (g+s) bit on all *folders*:

  find /video -exec chown vdr:vdr {} \;
  find /video -type d -exec chmod g+s {} \;

Same for config folders, of course. After that, each file and folder
created inside /video will automatically belong to the vdr group, and if
(as usual) the files have group rw rights, then vdr user has always full
access to them. All new folders will also inherit the g+s bit.



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