[vdr] VDR and PayTV Premiere

Peter Juszack vdr at unterbrecher.de
Fri Jan 13 15:44:00 CET 2006


    I have got a problem concerning CICAM. From time to time I can 
borrow a Premiere Smartcard and I tested it with a friends 
AlphaCrypt-CAM some month ago - worked so far.
I now bought an own CAM. The shopkeeper said it was an AlphaCrypt-Light. 
It seems that it comes directly from Premiere as there is a big Premiere 
sticker on it.

Yesterday I put it into the CI of my Nexus-S and after some time I saw 
it in the CICAM menu named as premiere. Unfortunately Premiere channels 
are still 'not avialable'.

I got an interesting message in the CICAM-menu. Under the menuitem CAM a 
message 'Receiver ist nicht geeignet für Premiere' ('Receiver is not 
Premiere compatible') is diplayed.

Does that mean that I got a limited CAM that can only be used with 
Premiere-certified set top boxes?

Regards Peter

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