[vdr] ANNOUNCE: graphlcd-0.1.3

Andreas Regel andreas.regel at gmx.de
Sun Jan 15 20:06:31 CET 2006


here is a new release of the GraphLCD base package and plugin for VDR.

You can download the packages from the berlios project's file page:

Changes since 0.1.2:
- Added a major.minor.micro version to the libraries starting with 1.0.0
- Moved usage of DESTDIR from serveral Makefiles to Make.config (thanks 
to Lucian Muresan).
- Moved Freetype2 dependency from Make.config to Makefile of 
libglcdgraphics (thanks to Tobias Grimm).
- Creating an additional symlink for the library files to be found 
during making the tools that need them (thanks to Tobias Grimm).
- Updated serdisplib driver (thanks to Wolfgang Astleitner).
- KS0108 driver: Added an alternative way of setting the display control 
lines (same as in old versions). It is selectable through graphlcd 
configfile parameter "Control".
- Using default values for width and height in case they are zero, too 
(thanks to Tobias Grimm).
- Added cSerialPort class.
- Added driver for my AVR controlled display.

- Don't replace newlines with spaces in text items any longer.
- Rewritten cGraphLCDDisplay::WrapText(). It is much faster now.
- Increased time to wait for display task to start (thanks to Andreas 
- Explicitly set the current channel to prevent a crash if no channel 
logo was set (thanks to Andreas Brachold).
- Added support for VDR version 1.3.38 and up (thanks to Andreas Brachold).
- Added logos for cable and terrestrial channels and modified some of 
the old (thanks to Stefan Hußfeldt).


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