[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] svdrp shutdown patch 0.1

Matthias Schwarzott zzam at gentoo.org
Mon Jan 16 22:56:19 CET 2006


This is the first release of my "svdrp shutdown patch". It adds the new 
svdrp-command "DOWN".

This command triggers an automatic shutdown like the one when reaching 
An optional given number is the additional time in minutes after which this 
shutdown should start by showing "press any key to abort shutdown" for 5min.

It is mainly thought to replace
  svdrpsend.pl hitk power
inside some scripts by
  svdrpsend.pl down

to give the user 5minutes to abort shutdown instead of some seconds.

Our primary use is inside the shutdown-script in the abort-case (for example 
there are user logged in) to trigger a shutdown-retry in 5 or 10 minutes.


Matthias Schwarzott
Gentoo Developer
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