[vdr] Bitstreamout not working, help?

Carsten Presser cpresser at fsing.uni-sb.de
Tue Jan 17 13:42:47 CET 2006

Ari Huttunen wrote:

> Hi!
> Sorry to bother with possibly a stupid question, but I have VDR 
> 1.3.something (the latest one in Ubuntu distro) and Bitstreamout 
> (ditto), and.. well.. it doesn't work.
> VDR runs nicely with analog output, I have S/PDIF cable connected from 
> motherboard's output to a Yamaha AV Receiver. I can play MP3s with VLC 
> via S/PDIF to Yamaha and to the connected speakers. Bitstreamout is 
> loaded, and I can tweak its parameters via the OSD; as far as I know 
> the card/device parameters are correct.
> However, when I play TV (or recording) with VDR I can hear nothing on 
> the speakers connected to the Yamaha? Help!?

i had similar problems, which vanished, as soon as i corrected the 
access rights to the alsa-audio devices.
if your vdr does not run as root, check if the vdr user has the rights 
to access the needed devices.


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