[vdr] Remote plugin and keys repeating too fast

Paavo Hartikainen pahartik at sci.fi
Wed Jan 18 04:44:17 CET 2006

VDR 1.3.38 and remote 0.3.4, Hauppauge Nova-T PCI 923 (needed for
remote control that came with it...) in DVB-C server.

Keys of remote control were repeating too fast and soon, so I tried
increasing values of "repeatdelay" from 350 to 1000 and "repeatfreq"
from 100 to 250 in "remote.c".  Parents say it is better now, so I
assume it changed for better (that DVB server is hundreds of
kilometers away, so I cannot go and test remote control by myself).

Maybe this should be configurable in settings dialog of remote plugin?
Something like "key repeat delay: [short|medium|long]" and "key repeat
frequency: [slow|normal|fast]".

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